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Workwear custom project guidelines development and implementation

2017/11/07 14:59
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The goal of the policy is to customize the direction of the company's efforts. From the time can be divided into long-term goals and annual goals, from the nature can be divided into production management goals and business management goals, from the implementation of the scope can be divided into the company's policy objectives, departmental objectives, workshops and team goals. From the implementation content of specific workwear customization projects, it can be divided into the objectives of economic growth, the goal of increasing production efficiency, reducing the target of the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, striving for the goal of various honors and certifications, and improving the living standard of employees and improving employee welfare. Goals and so on. According to the above objectives, it can be summarized into eight main contents: variety and quality, profit and efficiency, cost and consumption, investment in technology research and development, safety production, employee welfare, and perfect management. The project objectives must be implemented with plans, countermeasures, and corresponding completion deadlines to ensure that uniforms are completed on time, by quantity, and quality. At the time of quality certification, a complete set of documents and documents shall be provided to the certification auditor.