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Workmanship in the customization of the molding process - body type analysis

2019/03/19 10:28
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In the custom design of high-end work clothes, the styling process of the clothing is very important. It is related to the maturity of a certain style or a set of work clothes styles. This is the same as our usual fashion craft design. The so-called modeling process is an integrated garment manufacturing process that covers the basics of garment design, structural drawing, garment production, and model making. It is based on body mass data, and specializes in overall and detail. A process that adjusts to achieve the best clothing and comfort for clothing. Therefore, in the process of customizing the overalls, the design of the garment's molding process is very important.
The human body is based on bones and is composed of muscles, subcutaneous fat, and skin. The outline of the human body formed in this way is called body shape.
There are a lot of personal differences in body type, there are great changes in the site, there are almost constant parts. If it is too restrictive to the body type when making clothing, it will lose a lot of functionality and beauty. What needs to be raised here is that the allowance can not only reflect the functional and aesthetic qualities of the clothing, but also form one of the conditions for forming a custom-made uniform.